Video Inspection Tours 

Keeping You Informed About Your Property’s Condition Through Video

As a property owner that doesn’t live in the same town, or even country, as your investment, it's not always possible to personally tour it yourself between tenancies. Not knowing what shape the property is in can leave a property owner feeling like they're taking a huge leap of faith that everything is as described.

Video Inspection Tours Give You the Full Story

We have been doing inspection tours before and after tenancies. Our team of well-trained property managers know how to conduct a detailed inspection walk-through on video. The video is then shared with the owner via a private link so that they can see exactly the condition of their home. You'll no longer have to wonder if you're getting the full story, and instead will be able to see your home’s condition just as if you were walking through the home.

Full Accounting and Disclosure of Your Property’s Condition

When you trust Tutan Property Management with your investment, know that you will receive full disclosure of the property’s condition between tenants.

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